Scimitar Edge

Publishing Imprint

Purple Unicorn Media

Scimitar Edge is a registered publishing imprint of Purple Unicorn Media. We focus upon:-
- History
- Biography
- Alternate History
- Science Fiction
- Fantasy
- Historical Fiction


CLOSED FOR SUBMISSIONS - Scimitar Edge is now closed for submissions until mid 2024.

Books under contract will be published as agreed, and the business remains in existence, but we are not taking on new work until the middle of the year. All titles remain in print, and the publishing schedule remains as agreed.

Scimitar Edge

We also publish Infinity Wanderers magazine which is taking submissions for issue 8. Email

View issue 7 here, the recent Autumn issue

Infinity Wanderers Magazine

History, Science Fiction, & Alternate History

Infinity Wanderers is a new magazine dedicated to promoting alternate history and the associated genres of Science Fiction, Steampunk, Historical Fiction and Fantasy. In addition we aim for between 1/3 and 1/2 real history and writers of Historical features are welcome to submit.

Whilst considered part of the Scimitar Edge stable, Infinity Wanderers goes out under the self-publishing 'Selornia' marque as a magazine, and not a book.

Please send submissions to
Issue 8 of Infinity Wanderers will be published in December 2023.

View the current issue of Infinity Wanderers here.

Infinity Wanderers

Our Books and Authors

Scimitar Edge

Forthcoming Books

Childhood Home 3 - The Final Decade by Jon N. Davies

The Prophet and the Wayzenmoot by Sue Woolley

Shadows of The Future by Jay Wolfe

Most Recent Releases

The Goldstones and the Way by Sue Woolley

Childhood Home: 2 Juniper by Jon N. Davies

The Steel Heart by Grey Wolf

For a full list of Scimitar Edge's books, click here:-

Scimitar Edge Books

For an overview of Scimitar Edge's authors, click here:-

Scimitar Edge Authors

Cover Artists

Scimitar Edge and Purple Unicorn Media

Various cover artists have been used for books published by Purple Unicorn and Scimitar Edge, and several of them are featured here. Where those artists also did artwork for books by a demised imprint, those books or magazines will also be featured on their page.

We have grouped all of the cover artists here, under one heading, whether their work has been published by Purple Unicorn Media, Scimitar Edge, or will be by the new children's book division
Dancing Unicorn.

Little Books

Scimitar Edge range of publications

Scimitar Edge introduces Little Books, a range of publications at 4.33" x 6" (11cm x 15.24cm) and intended for novellas, or short novels.

Little Books logo

Artwork by Robin Stacey

Scimitar Edge Authors