The Wooden Box: And Other Stories

Michael J. Lowis

Short Stories

A collection of short stories of varying lengths and genre, totalling approximately 65,000 words. There is something here for all tastes including mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, crime, memoir, anecdote, romance, and factual discussion. The mystery of what is in that wooden box kicks off this eclectic collection of 24 short stories, and a topical update on a Christmas Carol concludes it. In between these are tales of adventure, science fiction, mystery, crime and romance. But non-fiction topics are also featured, some based on the personal experience of the writer. Examples include a swapping game, customers enjoying afternoon tea, and what you would save first if your house was on fire. Other stories were inspired by unusual items from the author's cabinet of curiosities, such as a crystal skull, an Aborigine sketch of a god, or water claimed to bring everlasting life. Indeed, there is something here for everyone, and the author's aim is to leave the reader thinking 'Hmm, I wonder if that could really happen.'

The Wooden Box is available to buy in paperback, and has also been published in epub, and Kindle.

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The Wooden Box by Michael J. Lowis

The cover was designed by Steven Phillips.

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