Wreaths of Empire

Grey Wolf

Alternate History

How many ways are there to tell a story? Wreaths of Empire is set in a more violent world than ours, diverging some time in the early 19th century. Revolutions and unstable monarchies are more frequent, if generally less effective in changing the underlying establishment of a state.

Prussia still exists as the world moves in the 20th century, the CSA has secured its independence, and the Mughals continue to rule in Delhi, whilst the British consider themselves pre-eminent on the planet, rivalled mainly by France and by Russia, and later by a slowly growing Japanese Empire.

From the 1890s to the 2010s, we follow the story of the world, seen largely through the eyes of rhe British royal family, and the machinations of power within the country. Ship launches, royal reviews, and the constant development of warships set alongside this viewpoint. From ironclads to what we would think of as dreadnoughts, to super battleships mounting 21" guns, and through the development of aircraft carriers, cruisers and submarines we see how naval technolovy, and technical advances in general, drive foreign affairs.

From mad kings to sad kings, scheming aristocrats to old-timers enjoying their retirement, Wreaths of Empire paints a picture of a very different age of modernity from that which we know.

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Wreaths of Empire by Grey Wolf

Paperback cover illustration by Joe Swarctz

Wreaths of Empire by Grey Wolf

Hardback cover illustration by Joe Swarctz

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