A Dream of Empire

Grey Wolf

Alternate History
Based upon Constantinople, the Roman Empire has endured for millennia, and now in the modern age of airships and steam trains stretches across Central Asia as far as the exarchates of Persia and Afghanistan, bringing it into conflict with the globe-spanning British Empire.

Set in 1895, this alternate history book is written from the perspective of the officers and administrators of the Greek-speaking Roman Empire. We follow such characters as the commander of an airship, a courtesan in the capiral, and the retinue of the Exarchos, or governor, of the Eastern territories of the empire.

The British have been expanding within India, spreading their rule over the Mughals, and now threatening the Sikh Empire in the North, and beyond. As their ambition leads to bloodshed and war against Constantinople, we see how these clashes play out in the further reaches of central Asia.

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A Dream of Empire by Grey Wolf

Cover illustration by Robin Stacey

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