Brad Bass

Science Fiction

Crashed is a sci-fi adventure based in the future, about five space travelers on a mission to mine and retrieve fuels from distant locations. Their hibernation is interrupted when their ship malfunctions and they crash on a nearby planet. On the planet they explore the ancient dilapidated civilization, struggling to survive. What lurks in the darkness watching them? And what secrets did they bring with them?

Need has turned energy into a precious commodity with certain fuels becoming more valuable than most precious metals. The ship was owned by Orion, a large energy company, and shot through space faster than the speed of light. It was a long way from its home world and was categorized as Field Research Vessel 5131; its current commission: research speculative fuel source locations for fuel extraction. Its current mission status: long duration. Its current passenger occupancy: five. Inside the ship it was silent. Flashing across a small viewing screen were the words: program initiated, emergency protocol, t-minus 5-4-3...

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Crashed by Brad Bass

The cover was designed by Robin Stacey

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