Buccaneer and Advantura
- To France in a Motorhome

By Jon N. Davies

Travel, Memoir & Biography

In August 1978, we hired our first motorhome and went to Cornwall. A year later, in June 1979 we hired our second motorhome and went to Northumberland. In early 1980, we purchased what would become known colloquially as "the white van", a Bedford Buccaneer motorhome with a lift-up roof.

Early holidays continued to be around the United Kingdom, including an epic trip to Scotland in the Summer of 1981. In April 1983 we went one better, and crossed the Channel to drive from Normandy to Paris, and back. This holiday was recorded by way of alternating reports as homework my Mum and Dad set me and my sister.

A year later, with my secondary school I was back in Paris, and whilst this coach and hotel holiday does not ideally fit into this narrative, it was important in my personal experience of France.

In late 1985 we bought a second motorhome, a Bedford Advantura, a high-roofed one for me and my sister's growing bodies, and in the long Summer of 1986 we journeyed to France and Andorra. In this holiday, Dad had his dictaphone and would create an article from his spoken notes upon our return. My diaries of this holiday form a second record of events.

In the Summer of 1987 we again went to France, this time down the Western, Biscay coast. Dad's logbook and my partial diaries form this record.

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Buccaneer and Advantura by Jon N. Davies

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