Agamemnon - The Play by Aeschylus

Translated by Dr Carl Caravana & Gary Beck

Classics, Theatre & Drama

Clytemnestra and Aegisthus ruled Argos while Agamemnon was at Troy, where the war went on for ten years. The Greeks captured and looted the city, divided the treasure and sailed for home. Agamemnon got Cassandra who foretold his death, but no one believed her. Clytemnestra murdered Agamemnon with an axe and she and Aegisthus ruled Argos until Orestes returned from exile and murdered them.

The fine scholar, Dr. Carl Caravana and I used the same process for classical Greek drama translations that we used for the Sophocles plays. We started with a literal translation. This allowed us to focus on accuracy of the text. Then we reviewed the text to get the spirit of the drama, while maintaining the integrity of the original. I made the final revisions so the play would work efficiently on the modern stage. Any errors are mine, not Dr. Caravana's.
   - Gary Beck

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