The Falklands: My Experience

J R Massey

A new, and hopefully better-colour edition, of The Falklands: My Experience was published by Scimitar Edge in February 2022.

History & Photography

The 5000-plus British Troops would only have seen snow, rain, gale force winds very little daylight and extreme cold.The Island is bleak in the winter but being lucky to return in a Spring and again in an Autumn I saw the island in a different light.

I hope that those who fought in the war there in 82 and have not been lucky enough to return in peace time can enjoy my pictures. The Falklands has changed and will never be the same as before 1982.The population has more than doubled and the way of life changed with it. The one thing that the Islands will always have, is the memory that in 1982 the whole life of the Islands was defended by so many worthy men and women and remains British.

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The Falklands:My Experience by J R Massey

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