The Library

Grey Wolf

Science Fiction, Alternate History, & Steampunk

Luke is an ordinary university student from a poor background, shown up in one of his papers by a fellow student from a posh background. He blames the university library since the journals he wanted for his research were in storage and he could not access them to bolster his argument.

One day he witnesses someone come out of a room on the main stairway of the largest university building, seeing behind him a library. Eventually he manages to sneak in, thinking this some postgraduate secret, where he might be able to rewrite his paper with the sources he was looking for - or better.

But as he begins to read the books within this library, he becomes more and more confused - wars he did not know about, kings that never existed. As his watch alarm reminds him it is time for dinner, he decides to leave by the opposite door, since it must be nearer to the canteen.

He begins to find himself in a world where people dress for dinner, pay in crowns, and where the car park outside, smaller than it should be, is full of vintage cars of makes he has never heard of. Wandering down the road, he comes upon a pub, The King Frederick II, and heads inside...

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The Library by Robin Stacey

Cover illustration by Robin Stacey

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