Sophocles - Three Plays

Translated by Dr Carl Caravana & Gary Beck

Classics, Theatre & Drama

Dr. Carl Caravana, an excellent Greek scholar, worked with me in a process that functioned well for us. Dr. Caravana started with a literal translation of Electra. We examined the nature of the characters, the poetic elements of the text and we did another version. Once we were satisfied that we sufficiently maintained the integrity of the original I concentrated on finalizing the text for stage production. We followed the same process with Antigone, with a little more focus on the characters who were the victims of fate, the main theme of the play.

The Searching Satyrs, The Ichneutae, only existed as a fragmentary satyr play, with less than half surviving in bigger or smaller sections. We used the same work process as in the other plays, except I wrote all the missing lines, trying my best to keep them consistent with the original lines. Any mistakes are mine, not Dr. Caravana's. Read less

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Sophocles - Three Plays

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