Jon N. Davies


Titles in print: Touching Paradise

Titles in print: A Gough Compendium

History & Biography

Jon's work on the Goughs of Ynyscedwyn began as a project during the first Covid lockdown, and gradually became a major focus of his research. He has traced the family back to its Gloucestershire roots, brought William Gough, Captain Royal Navy back from obscurity, and corrected numerous errors in other research and published accounts. A Gough Compendium is the sum of his articles in Infinity Wanderers magazine, plus later research from the National Archives.

Touching Paradise is Jon's book on his paternal grandparents' villa in Spain on the Costa Del Sol, with photographs from its construction until the later 1970s when they sold up and moved to Northamptonshire.

Jon has several additional books in the works - Dream Childhood records his and his sister's holidaying in motorhomes from the late 1970s until the mid 1980s; Childhood Home records the history of 2 Juniper from its construction until his parents sold it after almost 2 decades of living there; 14 Victoria is a One Place Study on his maternal grandparents' home, a terraced house in Staffordshire, and a much-loved holiday destination; whilst A Call To Duty is his biography of William Gough, Captain Royal Navy (1722-1760).

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Jon N Davies, author of Touching Paradise and A Gough Compendium.

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