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Titles in print: Stepping Out Into Showbusiness

Biography & Local History

Simone - born Joan Grew - living and growing up in the thirties and early forties in Southall, known as a bomb alley, dreamed of becoming a showbusiness star during her nights in the air raid shelter in the garden.

After joining the A.T.S. in the war, she became part of the concert party entertaining the troops, eventually joining the Windmill Theatre, rubbing shoulders with aspiring stars who became big names in showbusiness.

She married an eccentric but charming man 24 years her senior and they bought a rural idyll in the form of a large and haunted mansion in West Wales.

Their marriage was a stormy and tempestuous one, and unable to keep up with the expectations of her husband as the "Lady of the Manor," he eventually threw her and their son unceremoniously out of the house and disinherited her, leaving them with nothing except the clothes they were wearing.

Nothing daunted, her strong determination resulted in her re-entering the world of showbusiness and she succeeded in acquiring several roles in films and television.

In 2017, at 95 years of age she told her story. A fascinating tale of her life in a bygone era.

Simone sadly died in June 2020, but her book remains in publication as a memorial to her life.

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Simone Lloyd-Davies, author of Stepping Out Into Showbusiness

Simone Lloyd-Davies, author of Stepping Out Into Showbusiness.

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