How To Write Alternate History

Grey Wolf

Alternate History Essays & Creative Writing

How To Write Alternate History is a book looking at how to write within the genre. It is illustrated throughout with examples, designed to inspire and open the writer up to exploring similar ideas for their own stories.

Grey Wolf's articles on how to write alternate history include what to look out for, considerations to bear in mind, and ideas for progression. The articles cover a wide range of related subjects, such as creating small but noticeable changes in things like the brand names which are popular, the activities which are to be found at the local pub, or the names of sports teams.

Developing Points of Departure (Divergence) and realistic alternatives in areas such as music, sport and dynastic marriages are also covered.

This updated version includes articles on aristocracy, colonies, logistics and "Who is the boss of who?", important elements that writers need to take into consideration.

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How To Write Alternate History by Grey Wolf

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