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Titles in print: How to Write Alternate History, Ten Naval Battles, Time of The Darkness

Science Fiction, Alternate History & Creative Writing

Grey Wolf has been writing seriously since the late 1980s, though before that his first completed novel featured Roy Jenkins as the Prime Minister of an SDP-governed Britain, so Alternate History has always been in his blood. Over the following decades, he has begun dozens of stories, and completed maybe a dozen, though some of these may have disappeared in moving house.

The name Grey Wolf was originally a pirate clan in a Dungeons and Dragons game he ran, but when he came to the internet writing community, and people all used nicknames or handles, he adopted it as his name for forums and discussion boards. His first publications under this name were in 2013, when he edited Innovate Magazine, and at the same time began to self-publish some of his novels and novellas.

Alternate History, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Poetry are the main genres in which he writes. The most recent publications, and increasing numbers of his back catalogue, are now published through the traditional route, and he has moved from editing AHF Magazine (12 issues) to the new-for-2022 title Infinity Wanderers magazine, which aims to mix real history and genealogy with fiction in the alternate history, historical fiction, and associated genres.

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Grey Wolf, author of alternate history and science fiction

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