A Few Wild Beasts to be Dreaded

Ralph Greco, Jr.

Short Story Collection

From good old Jonathan Swift having Gulliver put out the fire at the Lilliputian royal castle by urinating over it, to the many fantastic satirical sci-fi moments of Robert Sheckley, to the Grand Guignol naughtiness Anne Rice was sometimes known for, the 'smushin' - for want of a better word - of genres in fantastic fiction has been going on for quite some time.

This mixing of the fantastic with the satirical, the sexy, and just the downright odd (or even all 3 in one story) is at the heart of this fiction collection, A Few Wild Beasts To Be Dreaded.

A Few Wild Beasts to be Dreaded is available to buy in paperback. The Kindle and epub versions will be released over the next couple of weeks

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A Few Wild Beasts to be Dreaded by Ralph Greco, Jr.

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